Bikes, with or without an engine, have been part of my life since I was four years old, I’ve competed at national level on both!

Along with my family, bikes were the first thing I photographed seriously. I still love to ride but I also love to document the lifestyle that is so ingrained with all cyclists. I’ve gone from just photographing action shots to trying to convey the feeling of riding a bike. Mountain bikes, road bikes, motorbikes, they all have their following and I love being able to tap into that either through one photograph or a series.

I have recently ridden round Skye with a cycle tour company to create imagery for their website. I am also proud to have been part of the team photographing the Eroica Britannia. These images are being used to promote the event for 2018.

As well as this editorial style work I have worked with bike brands to create advertising photography for magazine adverts, brochures and show graphics.

The gallery above is a broad mix of cycling photography from the last few years.

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